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Pulling out – the baby’s here!

Hi Folks,

Sorry to tell you that I’ve had to pull out of all events in the coming week, as our first baby has decided to come two weeks early! I hope this isn’t too disappointing for anyone who has a ticket to come along to anything. As it happens, all these events will still go ahead and I’ll be replaced by other people who are probably better than me…

At the ‘Falkirk Voices’ event at Callendar House this Saturday 16th – as  part of the LandWords festival – the local authors will read as programmed, hosted by Dickson Telfer, but the second half – My performance of What the F**kirk – will be replaced by a special gig from Scottish Album of the Year shortlistee Adam Stafford. He’s amazing, you’ll love him. We’ll also hopefully still be showing some of the filmed extracts of What the F**kirk, so you can get a flavour of it.

For the Stage to Page event at the Tron on Monday 18th I’ll be replaced by Fiona Sturgeon Shea of the Playwrights Studio, who will host and present three performances of playscripts that I have selected from the entries, and discuss them in my absence.

At the Syd Barrett discussion on Wed 20th, for the Dust of Everyday Life festival at the CCA, the panelist will instead by John Cavanagh, who has written a book analysing Pink Floyd’s debut album

So don’t worry, peeps, you’ll still get a big night oot!  Apologies for pulling out, but it’s a very good reason eh.




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