Alan Bissett

Playwright, novelist, performer, bletherer.



In The Red Hourglass Bissett plays five parts: three male, two female, none of them human, locked up together in a mysterious facility. This is a dazzling, witty and erotic tour-de-force from one of Scotland’s most versatile talents.

This play was first performed at the National Library of Scotland in August 2012 and was revived at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in 2019. Directed by Sacha Kyle.


Alan as the House Spider


Highly entertaining…Bissett’s witty, well-observed writing combines well with his bold, shape-changing performance…A delightfully unusual piece of theatre.’ – Mark Brown, The Herald

Bissett is a terrific performer, capable of terrifying, high-speed transitions..[has] wit, sharp political intelligence, and an ability to entertain his growing army of fans.’ – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

**** 4 Stars ‘Who knew it could be so enjoyable to spend an evening trapped in a room with a gang of man-sized spiders? A real Fringe gem.’ Alice Jones, The Independent

***** 5 stars ‘Long awaited, after the smash-hit success of The Moira Monologues, Alan Bissett’s new drama, is an equally hilarious series of monologues all played by Bissett himself, but this time with a political edge.’ The Skinny

****4 stars ‘It’s almost impossible for Bissett not to be funny. There’s no end of chuckles to be gleaned from his wry delivery. He embodies each spider with a unique personality and story, but what’s more impressive is the range of accents he manages to engage to comic effect.” – British Theatre Guide

***** 5 Stars ‘As in the critically lauded Moira Monologues, Bissett’s a joy to watch as a solo actor, skilfully giving life to each character through versatility of voice and mannerisms.’ Edinburgh Fest Magazine

***** 5 Stars ‘Excellently written and performed, this is definitely a work that holds you in its web — and a worthy successor to Bissett’s previous hit, The Moira Monologues’ Broadway Baby

***** 5 Stars ‘Whip-smart, distinctly Scottish humour…Bissett’s a joy to watch.’ Fest Magazine

***** 5 Stars ‘A playful, instantly engaging presence…this is sophisticated, completely captivating theatre.’ 3 Weeks

**** 4 Stars ‘Unique, intelligent, funny and inventive piece of adult theatre… Bissett has become a spiderman (and woman) that may not swing from high buildings with his web but who spins a rare tale and knocks Peter Parker in to a wee tin hat.’ The Edinburgh Guide

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