Alan Bissett

Playwright, novelist, performer, bletherer.


Meet Adam Spark. Eighteen going on eight-and-a-half. Fast-food worker. Queen fan. Last in the queue for luck.

‘There’s nothing quite like Alan Bissett’s fizzy, upbeat fiction… He totally inhabits the mind of his main characters’

– Scotsman

On waking from an accident in which he saves a child, he has the distinct impression that all is far from right. What are these curious lights that seem to surround people? Why are animals and machines trying to speak to him? And can he really control time? Is it just his imagination, or has Adam Spark been chosen to become Scotland’s first, and only, superhero? This, however, is the least of his problems.

‘Utterly engrossing, consistently moving and laugh out loud funny. Scotland already has plenty of literary heroes, but it’s found another in the incredible Alan Bissett.’

– Time Out

The local gang is luring him into deeper and darker peril. His sister and lone carer, Jude, is giving all her love to another woman. And if Jude abandons Adam  – or Adam drives her away – all the superpowers in the world won’t be able to save him.

Alan once adapted this novel for the stage, though it has never gone to production. The playscript can be found here.

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