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Irvine Welsh speaks about Pack Men

In case you’re swithering about buying my forthcoming book, Pack Men, here’s what Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting, has to say about it:

Pack Men

Pack Men published Sept 7th

A landmark in Scottish fiction.  A unique and special novel. Disguising it as an archetypal tale of the educated working class boy disdaining and admiring his mates in equal measure, Alan Bissett tackles Scotland’s ongoing sore of sectarianism. With neither condescending sneer nor pathetic apology, he shows how it will always exert a pull on those at the bottom of the social pile. A big enough achievement in itself, but the overall impact is greater still; Pack Men is nothing less than a fearless dissection of contemporary Scottish masculinity. I honestly haven’t read anything as impressive as this from a Scottish writer in yonks.”

The novel is released on 7th Sept 2011, but will be available for special events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 26th August 2011 and Waterstones Sauchiehall in Glasgow on 1st Sept.  You can pre-order copies here.