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Coronavirus News

Hoo! Grim times, folks. But hopefully we will get through this by working together.

Just to let you know that all my live events are cancelled for the foreseeable future, including The Red Hourglass at The Glasgow International Comedy Festival. However, it is being rescheduled for Nov 3rd at the Oran Mor, Glasgow, and your tickets will remain vaild.

It’s worth saying, however, that if I can no longer do live events then my income will be decimated.  I have two kids and have no idea where the money is going to come from now.  As such, I’m going to try experimenting with online, pay-per-view content, which is a new world to me, but I’m starting with letting you see my 2016 play One Thinks of it all as a Dream, about the life of ex-Pink Floyd front-man Syd Barrett, recorded at the Traverse Theatre in 2016, and my famous ‘one-woman show’ The Moira Monologues, recorded at Falkirk Town Hall in 2011.  If you care to donate to my Paypal account I can send you a Vimeo link with a password for viewing either, if you just let me know which you’d prefer.  You get to see a cracking play, I get to feed my kids. Win win!


The boys as Pink Floyd in One Thinks of it all as a Dream

There will hopefully be more goodies to come in the next few weeks, including new, original content, so keep your eyes peeled here and my Facebook page.  It’s gonna be the only way I survive, quite frankly!

We’ll make it through this.  Just think about the perties at the enday it!


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