Alan Bissett

Playwright, novelist, performer, bletherer.

Ban This Filth!


My new solo show Ban This Filth! comes to The Scottish Storytelling Centre from the 1st to the 11th of August, as part of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Directed by Sacha Kyle (The Moira Monologues & The Red Hourglass), tickets are available here.

“Andrea Dworkin: radical feminist.  Alan Bissett: man.  One stage.  Bissett plays ‘himself’, telling stories from his own life, with a penis, and Dworkin, one of the most controversial women in history, who has a few things to say to him. Expect laughter, Led Zeppelin, and a live ‘reconditioning’ of a man who’s had it all too easy. Until now.”


***** 5 stars ‘Sophisticated, completely captivating theatre.’ – Three Weeks on The Red Hourglass.

***** 5 stars ‘Bissett’s a joy to watch as a solo actor. His language is crisply economic, and punctuated by whip-smart humour.’  Fest on The Red Hourglass.

***** 5 stars ‘Hilarious, with a political edge.’  The Skinny on The Red Hourglass.

***** 5 stars ‘One of the hidden gems of this year’s Fringe.’ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine on The Red Hourglass.

**** 4 stars ‘Brilliant stuff … so funny that some of the audience were shouting with laughter.’ – The Scotsman on The Moira Monologues.

**** 4 stars ‘Bissett has real presence as a performer; his writing glitters with unusual erudition and deft wit.’ – Independent on The Red Hourglass.