Alan Bissett

Playwright, novelist, performer, bletherer.

Me Meets the Public

Hey happy gang,

Here’s where I’m going to be saying things in public. Readings, politics, and the like. Come along and heckle.

Jan 27th (Fri) 7pm @ HarbourArts Centre, Irvine. Reading from novels.
Jan 30th (Mon) 8pm @ The Dram, Woodlands Rd, Glasgow, for Glasgow Uni Lit Soc.
Feb 11th (Sat) 7.30pm @ The Berkley Suites, Charing Cross, Glasgow, for ‘Frames Per Second’ as part of Glasgow Short Film Festival. Adam Stafford and I will be performing a live version of our award-winning short film, ‘The Shutdown’.
15th Feb (Wed) 6pm @ 32 University Avenue, Glasgow Uni. Talk on ‘Scotland, Politics & Culture’.
21st Feb (Tues) 9pm @ The Ubiquitous Chip, Ashton Lane, Glasgow. Reading from novels.
22nd Feb (Wed) time tbc @ The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow, for SNP Youth Comedy Night.
26th Feb (Sun) 6pm @ Oran Mor, as part of cast of Alasdair Gray’s play ‘Fleck’, for Margins Book Festival.
10th March (Sat) 5pm @ Mitchell Library, Glasgow, delivering keynote address w/Zoe Strachan & Ewan Morrison for ‘Write Now’ conference as part of Aye Write! festival.
10th March (Sat) 7.30pm @ Reading Room, Blairlogie, for launch of Dickson Telfer’s book ‘Killing a Spider’.
11th March (Sun) 3.30pm, Mitchell Library, Glasgow, as part of Aye Write! festival. Talk on ‘Football & Sectarianism’ w/ Rodge Glass and Richard Wilson.

You’ve no excuse for not saying hi.


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