In the ten years since it was first published, Alan Bissett’s Boyracers has become a cult classic. Adored by a generation of Scottish teenagers for its humour, optimistic spirit, inventive narrative style and pop-culture riffing, Boyracers is the definitive novel about the freedom of youth in the Noughties.

Meet sixteen-year-old Alvin. Poet. Virgin. Confused. Adopted by ‘the Lads’ – three older boys with a car called Belinda and four wheels to anywhere – he begins the crazy road-trip from adolescence to adulthood. Perched in the back seat, Alvin watches life darken before his eyes, and soon he must decide if his fate lies in Falkirk or beyond the shimmering horizon of the unknown.

Alan has contributed an Afterword to this special anniversary edition.

Buy the tenth anniversary edition of Boyracers from WordPower Books 


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